Is bond cleaning and end of lease cleaning the same? [2021]


Bond cleaning and end of lease cleaning word may not be the same word but there meaning mean the same. The only difference is that end of lease cleaning also know as exit cleaning or vacate bond cleaning means the tenant has come to the end of lease. Therefor they must leave the property in the same condition it was in at the start of the tenancy.

Bond cleaning on the other hand refer to the cleaning of the rented property, to ensure the property are cleaned to that same standard at the start of the tenancy, apart from fair wear and tear. In order to get the bond back from the real estate or owner.

What is Bond Cleaning/End of Lease?

Bond cleaning also know as End of lease is the cleaning of property that is required by law. In order for you to be refunded the bond deposit you paid when you first leased the property.

Why should you hire bond cleaning service in Brisbane?

End of lease property after cleaned

We all know that moving to new property or place is stressful and unpleasant, without even including cleaning as a task on your previous property to the list. Here are the top 4 main reasons to hire a bond and carpet cleaning Brisbane to clean your property.

  • Save time – you’re occupied enough cleaning your new home and moving everything;
  • Save Money – rather than purchasing all the correct equipment and tools, your bond cleaners will bring their own
  • Recover your bond back – expert bond cleaners will know precisely what to clean to ensure you recover all your bond back
  • Enjoy – don’t stress over going to and between your old and new house

How to find the right bond cleaning services in Brisbane?

End of lease property

There are many cleaning service providers available in your location. But choosing the best bond cleaning services or cheap bond cleaning services randomly will not likely increase the chance of you getting your bond refund. If you are looking for the bond cleaning services in your location. You can type “bond cleaning” with the location of where you are.

For example if you live in Redlands, you could type in “bond cleaning Redlands bay” in Google search bar and number of bond cleaning company should appear under the search.

It’s crucial you do research before hiring any cleaning company. Here are the steps created to help you find the right cleaning company:

  • Check for guarantee bond return
  • Check the company profile and reviews

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